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New Vibes in the Oldest Geisha District

Geisha Maiko Enkai Party Plan

Enjoy a full-course dinner banquet with Geisha entertainers there to make your night unforgettable. In addition to a delicious kaiseki dinner, you will be able to listen to the shamisen, play traditional drinking games and watch a Geisha performance. Called Ozashiki Asobi, this event is an important cultural activity traditionally reserved for Kyoto’s elite.

Please check our Enkai Party Plan page for full details!

Cultural Experience

Seasonal festivals and frequent events

Mosaic Machiya is located in the oldest Geisha district of Japan. It is also on the same street as Kitanotenmangu Shrine and a short walk to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition to the unique location, there is a plethora of cultural events throughout the year such as the Tenjin-san flea market on the 25th of each month, Geisha beer garden in the summer, Kitano Odori in the spring, Obon dance near the beginning of autumn, Baikasai festival in the winter and more!

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Cafe & Bar


Come hang out at our retro Cafe and Bar on the 1st floor. Locals come in for coffees, lattes, beers, cocktails, sake and delicious meals. You can meet different people in the cozy atmosphere. We are also happy to chat with you and help you plan your trip.

Neighborhood and Sightseeing

Traditional Japanese Culture

Nishijin is an underexplored part of Kyoto as it is away from the main tourist zone. However, that means there are less crowds and more secret places to discover! Some great places near us include: Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), Ryoanji, Ninnaji, Randen Train to Arashiyama. It is perfect for travellers who enjoy walking.

Friendly Staff


Our staff are all bilingual in Japanese and English and have lots of personal travel experience abroad and in Japan. Come make friends with us and ask us about Kyoto! We have the best recommendations for you.

Nakaniwa Garden

08:00 – 21:00

Discover our hidden traditional Kyoto-style ‘Naka-niwa’ (interior garden). You can order a meal and have drinks with your friends or other guests and absorb the silence from the bustle outside. Smoking is permitted in the garden during the daytime.

Getting There

From Kyoto station take Bus #50 to Kamishichiken or Bus #101(Rapid) to Kitanotenmangu. The ride is about 35 minutes. We do recommend taxi if you have a lot of luggage. It is some distance from Kyoto station but because the only access is via bus, the traditional Kyoto lifestyle has been preserved. You will find yourself back in time when you enter Kamishichiken district!

Mosaic Machiya

Rooms & Rates


2 People from ¥10000


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2 people from ¥8000

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  • Hospitality – Providing the best quality hospitality and stay
  • Exchange – Encouraging guests to absorb local culture and share their own
  • Learning – Supporting guests and staff on their lifelong pursuits and ambitions through education
  • Preservation – Keeping traditions and buildings alive for future generations to enjoy

A mosaic represents a beautiful piece of art comprising of unique shapes and varying colors. Our properties are the canvas and our people are the tiles. We believe that world peace begins in a borderless guesthouse or hostel where everyone can come together as friends.

Facilities & Services

The hostel has all the facilities necessary to make your stay comfortable.


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